“We had to merge the Trade Finance departments from BSI and Banca del Gottardo recently acquired by the group. CREDOC proved to be the right system for us, since it needed to reflect the specific business processes set up for the new structure, and had to be implemented in a very short time frame”.

BSI representative


“We were looking for a highly user-friendly software that we could implement in a very short timeframe. CREDOC proved to be an answer to both issues. Indeed, whatever transactions our users perform in the system, they always handle them using the same generic process, which makes their life much easier. Furthermore, the system went live in less than three months.”.

Simon Durrance, Chief Financial Officer at NBAD


“As we go along in learning how to work with the software, we are impressed with the user-friendliness of the system knowing the complexity of Trade Finance transactions (...) CREDOC will dramatically reduce the time actually spent on processing transactions, which means we will have more time to spend on business development”.

Pierre-Yves Blanc, head of the Doc Credit Department at Hinduja Bank (Switzerland) Ltd


“I used to work with CREDOC in another Bank and I always appreciated the user-friendliness of the software (...) the system supports all the financial instruments required for our developing Trade Finance business”.

Head of Trade Services at Cornèr Banca SA