The Credoc Query optional module is a software package enabling the end-user to create its own customized statistics via easy access to CREDOC database.

This tool facilitates risk management since it provides Trade Finance managers with a global view of their operations. They can indeed create their own statistical reports according to a broad menu of given criteria.

This reporting tool is easy to use and allows the end-user to display, print or export data in a big variety of formats.








Examples of possible statistics are given hereafter :

  • Active transactions
  • Turnover
  • Collateral
  • Agendas Actions
  • Volumes by participants/countries/products/users/profit centre and many more criteria.
  • Exposures/commitments per group of banks
  • Risks
  • Products detail and summary
  • Turnover and Total commissions per transactions types/ profit centres
  • And many more...